Dance star Moby is the favourite to produce rocker Courtney Love's latest album, revealing they have discussed potential ideas already. The PLAY hitmaker has huge admiration for the former HOLE star and hopes he can steer her music in a new direction. Moby, who has been credited with helping a vast range of musicians from pop singer Britney Spears to Metallica, tells MTV Love's demos are "surprising" and "really powerful". He adds, "It's actually really well-written songs that are very earnest, very passionate. So I'm sure she'll make a wonderful record. It's got a humble strength to it. "I'm not sure we're working together. The truth is, I actually don't know. I mean, I've known Courtney for a long time, and I find her to be remarkably talented and just a fascinating person, so we might work on something together, but I don't know. It's just been some friendly conversations at this point." The album would mark the follow up to Love's 2004 release AMERICA'S SWEETHEART.