Dance music superstar Moby quit taking Ecstasy because he fears the rave drug destroys the human brain.

The PLAY hitmaker experimented with Ecstasy in the late 1990s in a bid to find out just why his fans raved about the drug - and he admits he had a great time clubbing under the influence.

But he fears the overuse of Ecstasy will come back to haunt clubbers late in life.

He says, "After taking it a couple of times, I finally understood what all the hype had been about. I went out dancing with my friends and had some fantastic times (but) I don't want to be a total dimwit when I'm 60."

Meanwhile, Moby claims harder drugs killed the dance music culture in his native New York City.

He adds, "I just watched people go so overboard. By 1996, kids were starting their night by doing ketamine, a couple of bumps of crystal meth to help it along, maybe take E (Ecstasy) at three in the morning, maybe drop some acid at dawn.

"Any scene that's so steeped in excessive drug use is just going to explode."