Dance star Moby is amazed property tycoon Donald Trump is suing TRUMPNATION: The Art Of Being The Donald author TIMOTHY O'BRIEN for $5 billion (GBP2.7 billion), because the lawsuit will only boost sales of the controversial book.

In legal papers filed at a New Jersey court last week (24JAN06), Trump claims the book includes false and malicious statements about the billionaire businessman, his family, his personal life and his business moves.

Moby says, "Doesn't Donald Trump know that by suing the writer/publisher for $5 billion that all he's doing is ensuring that the book sales are going to go up?

"Now everyone's going to want to know what sort of book could pique Donald Trump's ire, and will thus run out and buy it.

"Donald trump has given the writer and the publisher better free publicity than they ever could've dreamed of. Money is weird."