Dance star Moby has blasted 'celebrity-obsessed' Californians for electing actor Arnold Schwarzenegger as their Governor.

The outspoken singer accuses Americans of being selfish and unable to see the consequences of their fascination with celebrity, which he claims was typified by the TERMINATOR star's triumph at the polls earlier this month (07OCT03).

Moby writes on his website, "Americans have lost the plot. What the hell is going on in my country? I'm not sure if I want to share tax-revenue with people who could vote for Schwarzenegger.

"Narcissism and pernicious self-involvement have replaced reason and logic as the motivating factors behind most peoples decision making process.

"People are so consumed with their own emotional and personal issues that they can't see politics as having any sort of broad ramifications beyond the personal and symbolic.

"How can the rest of the world respect us when we treat our own electoral process like it's a bad soap opera?

"Is there someone in America who can stand up and lead and say, 'I'm sorry, but America has lost the plot and we need to somehow stop being violent and crazy and irrational?'"

17/10/2003 17:17