Moby is selling his entire record collection for charity.

The 52-year-old musician and former DJ is offering up all his beloved vinyl records on his online shop Reverb LP, as he tries to seek enlightenment by ridding himself of possessions.

Speaking about his decision to sell off the records to Consequence of Sound, Moby said: ''I'm aspiring to enlightenment, I try to see it as just sort of like, an example of impermanence.

''You know everything we love eventually goes away. So I'm like, 'Why not be a part of that process and help an organisation I really care about?'''

Proceeds will go to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, a non-profit organisation which promotes a vegan diet, preventative medicine and alternatives to animal research.

The 'Porcelain' hitmaker - who is a vegan and animal rights activist - said in a YouTube video on the site: ''These are records that I bought and loved and played and carried around the world and I would so much rather you have them than me because if you have them, you'll play them, you'll love them.

''And the money will go to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. So everybody wins. Well, except me, because now I don't have any records.''

Among the records on offer are 7'' classics such as Spinal Tap's 'Christmas With The Devil', 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' by JOY DIVISION and an early record from The Jesus And Mary Chain.

Speaking from his packed storeroom Moby said: ''I have a lot of stuff, I mean thousands of pieces of vinyl... house music, techno, hip hop...

There is much in here I don't honestly even know where to begin...

''Early jungle, drum n bass... These are all 12''s that I played for years when I was a DJ in New York in the late 80s.''

The collection also includes Moby's personal copies of his own music, including signed LPs, rare releases and test pressings.

The sale opens on Thursday June 14, 2018 at