Dance superstar Moby has extended a hand of friendship to long-time foe EMINEM - by praising the rapper's new video MOSH.

The pair have been bickering since 2001 when Moby called Eminem's music misogynist and homophobic. The rapper later mocked Moby in his song WITHOUT ME, and the pair had a row at the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards.

But the PORCELAIN hitmaker appears ready to unite with Eminem - over their mutual hatred of US President George W Bush.

Moby has included a link to the Mosh promo - which criticises the Bush-led war in Iraq - on his website, and writes in his online journal, "You know that Eminem and I have had our differences in the past. But this video is the best thing that I've seen all year. It's an amazing song and an even more amazing video. Please go watch."

28/10/2004 17:35