Dance star Moby is desperate to fly home to New York city from Europe, because he wants to enjoy the blizzard currently hitting the Big Apple.

The PLAY singer, 39, arrived in London over the weekend (22-23JAN05), before flying on to Milan today (24JAN05), while his friends back in Manhattan were experiencing severe weather conditions and freezing -10 degree centigrade temperatures.

Moby says, "A big gigantic snowstorm is barrelling down on little New York.

"I love Manhattan in a snow storm - The quiet peaceful streets, the instant transformation from 21st century metropolis to 19th century town.

"I'm missing the blizzard and I'm very wistful. I kind of feel like a five year old who's missing Christmas. I like travelling around and doing interviews, but I'm genuinely sad that I missed the gigantic monster huge crazy snowstorm.

24/01/2005 18:35