Dance music star Moby is fascinated by the careers of MARY-KATE and ashley OLSEN, comparing the twins' lives to a Shakespearean tragedy.

The PLAY singer is enthralled by the superstar sisters and, in light of Mary-Kate's recent rehab stint to combat an eating disorder, thinks their existence wouldn't be out of place in a play by William Shakespeare.

Moby, 39, says, "As far as the whole current crop of shallow, disposable celebrities, the Olsen twins are the ones who hold my attention for more than five minutes.

"Just the fact that they're rampantly self-medicating seems so interesting.

"There's something about them that just seems - not to be melodramatic - but they almost have this desperate, Shakespearean, tragic quality to them."

But the Olsen twins' representative says, "Those are really interesting observations considering that Moby doesn't know Mary-Kate and Ashley.

"It seems like he's really given it a lot of thought. Maybe a little too much."

08/10/2004 20:15