Moby is considering hiring a "rock-star consultant" - because he makes a terrible rock star.

The dance star is currently performing to promote his new album HOTEL, but is depressed his band's backstage antics are pathetic compared with those of the rock legends he grew up idolising.

He writes on his website, "Last night as we were getting ready to perform at The Tabernacle in Atlanta, DARON (bandmate) was drinking miso broth, LAURA (bandmate) was doing yogic stretches, and I was reading THE ECONOMIST. We are such abjectly pathetic excuses for rock stars.

"I need to hire a rock-star consultant. Every now and then I'll ask myself what would the (MOTLEY) CRUE do?' backstage in a concert venue.

"Getting ready to play a big concert and where are the groupies? Where are the lines of cocaine? Where are the gallon jugs of JACK DANIELS? Miso soup? yogic stretches? the economist? Shouldn't I be reading JUGGS (sic) or BARELY LEGAL?"

14/04/2005 21:25