Fans of dance music superstar Moby should start making the most of his live performances because he has grown tired of touring.

The 47 year old admits life on the road is "not a bad life" but it's not for him anymore, and instead he'd like to concentrate on DJ-ing and one-off shows.

Speaking to backstage at the Coachella festival in California, where he performed on Saturday (13Apr13) and will hit the stage again next week (20Apr13), he says, "I realised a while ago I just don't like touring. I like doing one-off shows, I like DJing... This idea that every couple of years you do the same tour, same venues, stay in the same hotels... It's really repetitive and there's nothing creative about it.

"You get to that point where understandably people don't wanna hear the new songs; you go to see your favourite band (and) you wanna hear the hits, you wanna hear your favourite songs, and the songs from the new album are generally what I call hot dog songs - when the band says, 'This is a song from the new album', that's when the audience is like, 'Oh, it's time to go and get a hot dog'.

"Hopefully, if I tour in the future, it won't be that same old repetitive, conventional 'stay in the same hotels, play the same venue, play the same songs' sort of tour."