Dance music pioneer Moby has blasted pop singer Gwen Stefani for inviting too many of her famous friends to perform on her latest album LOVE ANGEL MUSIC BABY.

Moby, who has worked with Stefani himself, argues the album should have been simpler, with just the singer, 34, and an acoustic guitar. Instead, she brought in artists such as ANDRE 3000, Missy Elliott, New Order and rap star Eve, who appears on the current hit RICH GIRL.

Moby, 39, says, "I like her as a person and she's made some great records, but that new one has too many people involved.

"There's not enough Gwen on it. I'd rather she produced it herself and used just an acoustic guitar.

"It would have made it a more interesting record for me."

22/03/2005 13:40