Moby has secured a restraining order against an obsessed fan.

The 51-year-old musician filed legal documents against Kelly Lord after she allegedly confronted a houseguest claiming to have found a condom in the bushes.

In the court document, it is alleged that the woman asked the guest whether he was throwing condoms into Moby's yard, before warning she was going to ''f**king destroy'' his car, according to TMZ.

What's more, it has been claimed that Moby's assistants later found the woman hiding in the bushes.

Prior to that, Kelly was arrested earlier this month for petty theft after she was found on Moby's property with a package with his name on it.

But since Moby - whose real name is Richard Hall - has managed to obtain a restraining order, Kelly has been ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from his home, work and car.

This comes shortly after Moby announced he would never tour again, saying he hates life on the road.

The musician - whose most-recent album, 'These Systems Are Failing', was released earlier this year - previously said: ''Most musicians put out a record with the intent of touring and my intention is to never tour again as long as I live because I hate touring.

''I love playing music but going to the same airports and the same hotels and the law of diminishing returns, as you age you play smaller venues and you try and play new songs but the audience just want to hear the hits which I understand because when I go to see middle-aged musicians, I want to see the hits.''