Dance star Moby has risen above his supposed feud with Eminem, and insists the rapper's taunts are welcoMe publicity.

The HOTEL star has famously slammed Eminem's lyrics as offensive, and in turn Eminem mocked his chart rival by dressing as him in the video to WITHOUT ME and branding him "a girl" at the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards.

But Moby has denied the hot-tempered hip-hop star the satisfaction of being even remotely affected by the public snipes.

He says, "I found myself respecting him for doing that.

"Honestly, if he retired, I think the world of music would be a poorer place. He's a really fascinating public figure.

"To have the most successful musician in the world dress up like you in a video and sing about you in a song - it was honestly some of the best publicity I've ever had"

28/07/2005 06:39