Dance superstar Moby has leapt to the defence of his comedienne pal Margaret Cho, after she was shunned for making jokes about American president George W Bush.

Outspoken Cho became the target of vicious hate mail after she poked fun at Bush during a recent stand-up routine, and the reaction has prompted her friend Moby to speak out against the backlash.

He writes in his online journal, "My friend Margaret Cho was making fun of George Bush during a comedy routine at the MOVEON.ORG awards last week.

"Gossip columnist MATT DRUDGE took two sentences from her routine and printed them out of context along with a very unflattering picture."

Moby also reprinted some of the hate mail sent to Cho, much of which focused on her weight and the shape of her eyes.

He adds, "This is the true face of the right wing in America. Judge for yourself and think of this right wing hate the next time you turn on Fox News or listen to Rush Limbaugh or even the original 'compassionate conservative', George Bush."

21/01/2004 21:07