Dance star Moby has slammed United States citizens opposed to immigration as "anti-American". The PLAY hitmaker was pleased to note that half-a-million people recently marched in Los Angeles to protest restrictive immigration laws. And he believes that, as a country founded on immigrants, the US should continue to unquestioningly welcome people from all over the world. He writes on his website, "500,000 people marched in LA to protest restrictive immigration laws. I really don't want to p**s people off, but I'm of the opinion that anyone who wants to come to live and work in America should be allowed to. "America is a country of immigrants, and for Americans to restrict immigration is profoundly anti-American. America is supposed to be a beacon for people around the world who want to, for whatever reason, leave the country of their birth and start anew. "People come here for economic or political or religious or cultural reasons and we should welcome them, whatever their motive for coming here (as long as their motive is benign). "Immigrants are what have made America great, and we should be proud to be a nation of immigrants."