Dance star Moby has lashed out at the American media and public for having "willful ignorance" of the troubled state of their country and the world.

The PLAY hitmaker likened modern American society to the world depicted in GEORGE ORWELL's classic novel 1984, where people are separated into castes and are only given access to information that is pre-decided for them.

On Moby's official website, he says, "I write this hopefully without any hyperbole, become an Orwellian place.

"The creepiest aspects of our Orwellian world are A - The media's ability to disregard important issues (genocide in Sudan, looming environmental crises, widespread voter fraud in the 2004 elections, etc) while focusing on irrelevant non-issues NICK (LACHEY) and JESSICA (SIMPSON), David Beckham's salary and indiscretions, Janet Jackson's nipple, etc.

"And B - The public's complicity in this process - more Americans watched American Idol than the presidential debates. It's almost as if we've collectively written a new cultural constitution: 'We the people want fluff. We want light news about easy to subjects. We want friendly politics with simple cliches.'

"I know, I'm not the first person to write about this, but it is generally disheartening to realize that we live in an age where people have access to so much information but yet choose willful ignorance or willfully choose ignorance. Either one - they're both depressing."

06/01/2005 17:55