Dance star Moby is waging war with bosses at his record publishing company over its decision to pull artists' videos from website YouTube.
The Porcelain hitmaker is baffled by the decision, and is asking bosses at Warner Music Group to let fans see his videos for free.
He writes in his online blog, "I understand that the music companies are suffering and losing money, but is removing videos from YouTube really such a wise idea?
"As a result of this action the hundreds of thousands of Warner Music videos being removed from YouTube will sit in a vault and be seen by no one and will generate no revenue for Warner Music Group. Whereas (up until the move) Warner Music Group videos (R.EM, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Madonna, etc) were being seen by millions of people and generating small revenue for Warners and their artists. And I think I'm affected, too, as my publishing is with Warners.
"Can I please ask that Warners not ask YouTube to remove my videos? I'm perfectly happy for my videos to be on YouTube, whether I'm getting paid for them or not. If they're on YouTube people will see them.
"If for some reason my videos get taken down from YouTube, well, I apologise. If it was up to me they'd all be up there and they'd all be free. But, at present, it's not up to me, it's up to The Man. In the future that will hopefully be different."