Officials at the historic circus announced on Saturday (14Jan17) the travelling show will be closing for good in May (17), after 146 years - and animal lovers took to social media to applaud the news.

"I love this...," Moby wrote on Instagram, beside a screen shot from animated Disney movie Dumbo. "Goodbye #ringlingbros, maybe you've learned that torturing and exploiting animals isn't 'entertainment'."

British funnyman Gervais, a longtime activist for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), tweeted, "At last, after 146 years, Ringling Brothers Circus is closing permanently! A victory for humanity."

"As a child I never really liked going to the circus because the animals ALWAYS looked so sad and miserable!!!!" shared actress Taraji P. Henson, while Family Guy creator Seth MACFarlane remarked, "The closure of Ringling Bros. circus ends 146 years of animal humiliation for human amusement. Good riddance."

And Sex and the City star Kristin Davis commented, "Cause for celebration! now let's advocate for the animals at #RinglingBros to go to proper sanctuaries like @ELEPHANTSdotcom."