Dance star Moby has threatened to fight his managers' demanding tour requests - because travelling, attending interviews and performing are detrimental to his sleeping habits.

The GO hitmaker complains he doesn't have enough control over his concert schedule, which means he's forced to suffer months of insomnia during gruelling tours.

He complains, "At some point I will change my approach to touring. When managers and record companies say, 'Can you go from LA to London to New York to Japan to Germany to Australia?' I will say, 'No, I'm sorry, but I cannot.'

"Touring with tour buses and time-zone changes and early-morning interview requests is anathema to sleep. When I'm home and in one time zone for an extended period of time I sleep just fine.

"But put me on the road and throw me over 11 time zones in a short period of time and my sleep switch gets thrown to off. I have a deep and pernicious envy for people who can sleep easily regardless of where they are."

16/05/2005 13:44