Mobb Deep star Prodigy has revealed police tried to persuade him to "set up" G-Unit label boss 50 Cent after he was arrested on gun possession charges. The rapper was sentenced to a three-and-a-half-year jail term earlier this month (Oct07) after accepting a plea deal, but during an interview with DJ Whoo Kid's G-Unit Radio, Prodigy suggested he could have brought his prison time down even more. He claims that police tried to get him to set up his G-Unit boss 50 Cent, by asking him to plant evidence inside the rapper's car - but he wouldn't do it. He told the DJ, "All they doing is making me stronger, they don't even know what they doing. They making me Malcolm X right now." Prodigy has revealed he'll hold off the planned 2008 release of his new album, HNIC 2, but he's hard at work on mix-tapes he plans to release through next year - as he serves his time. He said, "I'll always stay relevant in the streets through my music." Prodigy will report to jail on January 9 (08).