G-UNIT cohorts Mobb Deep were nearly killed in a plane incident when one of the engines of the aircraft on which they were travelling failed, forcing the pilot to make an emergency landing in Tampa, Florida, early Saturday morning (21OCT06). The rappers were flying from New York to Chile to perform a number of gigs, but after missing their connecting flight, HAVOC and Prodigy were forced to catch another plane from Atlanta, which ran into engine trouble an hour into the journey. A press statement reads, "The plane began dropping and rising and dropping again, soon after which passengers noticed flames and smoke pouring out of one of the engines." The Delta Flight 147 landed safely at around 12.30am on Saturday, much to the relief of the QUIET STORM hitmakers. MC Havoc tells AllHipHop.com, "All I can say is God was on our side. It could (have) turned out the opposite way. "It makes you look at many things in perspective." Also on the flight were rappers SAM SCARFO and 40 GLOCC, who is signed to Mobb Deep's Infamous Records. They all returned to New York instead of going to Chile as planned.