Hip-hop duo Mobb Deep insist their collaboration with G-Unit on their forthcoming album hasn't compromised their definitive "murda musik" style.

The New York-based team, made up of rappers HAVOC and Prodigy, have been working with singer/producer 50 CENT on new release Blood Money, but claim his influence on their musical arrangement was minimal.

Havoc tells AllHipHop.com, "Basically, to the people that thought (it wouldn't be a true Mobb Deep album), when they hear this, I just want to stamp on their head, 'I told you.'

"Mobb Deep isn't gonna change and when we first got here 50 was like, 'Listen, I want y'all to keep doing what you been doing. That's it.'

"We didn't want to change and 50 didn't want to change us.

"Now everybody is gonna hear the Mobb sound, not just our core audience. They are gonna say, 'Oh, this is why these motherf**kers been around for 10 or something years.'"

The album also features contributions from Dr Dre, Lloyd Banks, Young Buck and Tony Yayo.