Misty Miller's 'Girlfriend' Ep Out 25th February 2013

Misty Miller's 'Girlfriend' Ep Out 25th February 2013

Misty Miller is from South West London who has been writing her own songs since the age of eight. Inspired by the likes of Patti Smith, Iggy Pop and The Stooges, The Velvet Underground, Lou Reed, Irma Thomas, The Sonics, The Gories and the blues, Misty's eclectic taste has informed a lot of her music to date. At the age of 15 she recorded her first album and released it on AWAL in 2011 that went on to sell 60,000 copies. 

Now, having signed to Sony label Relentless, she is set to release the 'Girlfriend' EP on 25th February, a collection of songs that finds her embracing the gritty sound of 70s rock n roll. 

From the EPs title track and its ferocious, lo-fi sound to the crooning intro of 'Little Drummer' that bursts in to life on a wave of crashing guitars and the soulful lament of 'Devil', the 'Girlfriend' EP showcases Misty's unique songwriting talents and musical dexterity and ambition to the full. 

The tracklisting for the EP is: 

1. Girlfriend 
2. You Know What I Mean 
3. Devil 
4. Lonesome Cowboy 
5. Little Drummer 

Listen to 'Girlfriend' here: