God-fearing stars Missy Elliott, Tim Mcgraw and American Idol winners KELLY CLARKSON and Ruben Studdard have hailed Mel Gibson's The Passion Of The Christ for its power and ability to move them.

While Hollywood has been spilt by the hit movie's accusations of promoting anti-Semitism, the stars are among those who support the movie, which portrays Jesus Christ's last 12 hours.

Elliott says, "Mel Gibson should take a bow. It was real. As a Baptist, I agree with him. He did a great job of telling the truth."

McGraw adds, "It was a powerful film. I didn't look away. There are a lot more violent films out there that I have seen."

While Clarkson admits she "cried out of repentance" while watching the film, Studdard says, "The movie was wonderfully done. It gives you, especially as a Christian, a true sense of what Jesus went through."

23/04/2004 09:29