Hip-hop star Missy Elliott will tell all about her struggle to rise to fame in a new movie about her life.

The WORK IT rapper, who has often told how her childhood home was broken by domestic violence inflicted by her father, is keen to share her life story with fans - but she's refusing to show off her acting skills in the planned biopic.

She says, "I'm doing a movie about my life. Paramount is interested in doing the movie, and right now I'm looking at writers for it. I don't want to star in the movie. People see only famous artists as having superstar status.

"But people want to know about the struggles. I'm sure that's what made Eminem's 8 MILE a success, because people wanted to know what his house and mom were like before he started in the music business.

"People can't even imagine what I've been through."

22/02/2005 03:36