Rap queen Missy Elliott is launching a new reality show in search of the next big hip-hop superstar.

The series will allow aspiring rappers the chance to compete for stardom while travelling on the road with the WORK IT hitmaker during a portion of her upcoming solo American tour.

Executive producer ALLISON GRODNER says, "It's Survivor meets AMERICAN IDOL meets a little bit of TOP MODEL meets The Apprentice. The show's about finding an all-round entertainer who can sing, dance, rap and give attitude.

"We're going to have contestants live that life and make sure they have what it takes to withstand the lifestyle. It's a lot of talent search, with competitive elements thrown in for good measure."

Contestants will follow Elliott's tour bus - in far less glamorous transport - as it makes its way from New York's CARNEGIE HALL to Los Angeles.

Elliott's upcoming spring (04) tour with Alicia Keys and MISSY ELLIOTT will not be a part of the series, which will be aired by American TV network UPN.

04/03/2004 09:12