Wacky hip-hop star Missy Elliott wanted her new single's video to really stand out from the crowd - so opted for a RIVERDANCE style jig.

The rapper - who is famed for her innovative videos - instructed director Dave Meyers to pull out all the stops on the promo for PASS THAT DUTCH - including a bizarre Irish dance sequence in a corn field inspired by the talents of super-hoofer Michael Flatley.

Meyers explains, "Every time she calls, she demands to be totally different.

"In addition to trying to keep up with her growth, I have to reinvent my wheel every time. She loves having a dance element, so we always find new ways to do innovative things around dance.

"When she said Riverdance, in my mind I went to the country and I said, 'What about cornstalks?' because I was reading a script at the time called SCARECROW."

01/12/2003 21:15