Former SPICE GIRL singer MELANIE B is hoping to launch her solo career again - on the internet.

The feisty star, 29, was dropped by her record label VIRGIN after dismal sales of her debut solo album HOT - despite having a hit collaboration with Missy Elliott on I WANT YOU BACK.

The singer, otherwise known as SCARY SPICE, has been recording her second disc in between performances in the Broadway, New York production of the musical RENT.

After her failure to secure a new record deal, Mel B is planning to unleash her vocals over the world wide web.

A source says, "She's written a lot of material with friends in her kitchen.

"She's determined that people hear the new stuff, but because she has no record deal, using the internet may be her best bet.

"Mel's enjoying acting on Broadway, but her first love is music. She's frustrated that she's been written off and a Spice Girls reunion hasn't got off the ground."

12/08/2004 09:22