Missy Elliott's life story is to be transformed to the big screen - but the rapper is refusing to play herself in the movie.

The WORK IT star - who is onboard as the steering force behind the project - wants an actress to step into her shoes, because she doesn't have the skills to convey the full horror of her tough upbringing to cinema-goers.

She tells trade magazine Billboard, "Paramount is interested in doing the movie, and right now I'm looking at writers for it.

"I don't want to star in the movie. People see only famous artists as having superstar status, but people want to know about the struggles.

"I'm sure that's what made Eminem's 8 MILE a success, because people wanted to know what his house and mum were like before he started in the music business.

"People can't even imagine what I've been through."

20/04/2005 09:13