Missy Elliott has slammed modern rap artists - accusing them of only being interested in the riches hip-hop success can bestow.

The WORLD IS OURS star believes today's rappers pale in comparison to the classic stars of yesteryear - because they're more concerned with money, fame and feuding.

She rallies, "I miss old hip-hop like hell. Before, you only had one Public Enemy and one Rakim and one Salt 'n' Pepa. Now people have got the formula and some of them are just doing it for the cheque.

"It's kind of watered down. It was more positive before, with artists coming together to make records with a positive message. I don't know if that could happen now. There's so much animosity and tension and anger with each."

Elliott is also critical of male stars who rap about their macho lives, which have nothing to do with their real personalities.

She explains, "You get people who rap about stuff that they don't do all day long. Half those guys, you hear them on the radio

and then you meet them and you're like, 'Wow, they're so sweet!'

"A lot of the time its just talking. Eminem might rap about jumping out of a window and into a car and driving away, but I know if I jump out this window I ain't going to get very far. You can kind of distinguish."

03/11/2003 17:18