Hip-hop star Missy Elliott's mother has started giving the rapper a hard time over the amount of money she spends on cars and bikes.

Motor maniac Missy incurred her mother's wrath after buying her third car in less than a year, and she admits she does go a bit crazy when it comes to buying a new set of wheels.

She explains, "I bought a scooter, hooked it up with rims, got it painted - and I don't even know how to ride.

"I spent like $5,600 (GBP3,110), tried riding it in a parking lot, crashed and never picked it up again."

Elliott admits she's also having second thoughts about the lavish swimming pool she had added to her home in Virginia - because she can't swim.

She adds, "My dogs jump in the pool and they're stuck swimming for, like, an hour trying to get out because I can't help them."

22/08/2004 21:21