A video of Hunger Games was the fourth most-pirated movie of the week last week, according to the website TorrentFreak.com, which tracks BitTorrent usage. According to the website, Mission Impossible -- Ghost Protocol was the most-pirated movie. Although Hunger Games was huge at the box office, it ranked only fourth on the TorrentFreak list, perhaps because the only pirated online video of the movie was identified as a "TS," (for telesync), a low-quality recording made with a camcorder set up in a projection booth with the soundtrack plugged into it directly from the projector. Meanwhile Internet security firm Symantec warned that clicking on Google search results with links such as "Hunger Games Free Movie Download" and "Hunger Games Full Movie Torrent" could infect computers with viruses or keylogging programs that allow pirates to see what's typed on the computer. "All that glitters isn't gold," Symantec warned in a statement, "so don't let your curiosity overcome Common sense."