Uggie is set to take the Oscars 2012 by storm. There may be a chance that we will see The Artist's scene stealing dog on the red carpet of the Oscars 2012.

Even though sources at the Academy ruled out Uggie making an appearance, his co-stars have suggested otherwise. Talking to E! News at The Hollywood Reporter's 2012 Nominees Night, Missi Pyle stated: 'I don't know that Uggie is going to the Oscars. But I imagine he might crash the red carpet.' The dog is one of the star characters in the silent movie and even though Uggie was not nominated for an Oscar, 'The Artist' is tipped to sweep the board tonight (26 Feb 2012). Uggie did however win Best Dog in a Theatrical Film at the Golden Collar Awards.

MISSIE PLYLE further hoped that the film deserves to take the top award tonight: 'It's a movie that is a great risk, but it's ultimately art and it's what, I think, this whole competition is about. In this day and age you have your Avatars and so much 3-D and so many special effects, and to go back to simple storytelling and tell a beautiful story that really touches people to the core-people walk away loving it.'

All the winners of the Oscars 2012 will be revealed in the awards ceremony tonight, which will air live on Sky Movies from 1am.