LATEST: Bosses of top New York radio station HOT 97 have fired a producer and a co-host of a daily morning show that mocked the victims of the 26 December (05) tsunami.

Show host Miss Jones and the rest of her crew are still suspended from the station after playing a tasteless WE ARE THE WORLD song parody that poked fun at those killed in south east Asia.

But the station's mother company, EMMIS RADIO, has chosen to make examples of producer RICK DEL GADO, who penned the sick song, and co-host TODD LYNN, who made "offensive, racially insensitive comments" following the tune's broadcast last month (JAN05).

Station bosses have also agreed to give $1 million (GBP526,300) to tsunami relief efforts as well as the salaries from their suspended employees.

It isn't the first time Hot 97 staff have upset and offended New York radio listeners - in 2001, two morning hosts were suspended after they poked fun at the plane crash death of R+B singer Aaliyah.

03/02/2005 21:24