Mischa Barton is pleased 'The Beautiful Life' was axed.

The Hollywood actress - who portrayed a troubled model in the US drama series, which was cancelled after two episodes - plans to spend time enjoying herself in New York.

She said: "I think it's really for the best. Everything happens for a reason, so I'm just working out, living here in the city, hanging out, being with my girlfriends.

"It's the best of both worlds wouldn't you say, being bicoastal? It's lovely, so I'm just enjoying that."

For now the 23-year-old actress is reading scripts and searching for a "great role" to work on next.

She told ETonline.com: "I've been looking at projects, enjoying living here in the city. I've been mostly concentrating on reading scripts and finding a great role for me at the moment, since the television series didn't work out."

'The Beautiful Life' also starred Corbin Bleu, Elle Macpherson and Sara Paxton, with Aston Kutcher the executive producer.