Mischa Barton refuses to spend lots of money on a trendy handbag.

The actress - who has her own line of bags - says she doesn't see the point in splashing out on a "handbag-of-the moment" and would rather save her cash for a classic item.

She said: "I think handbags are a great area to work in because you can do anything with them. They can really change an outfit. You always look at girls' bags and you don't want to spend a Fortune on them. You want them to be functional, have pockets and work, but you don't want it to be a piece of c**p. I don't want to spend a fortune on crazy of-the-moment handbags. If it's going to cost me like $600 to get a handbag of-the-moment then I'm probably not even going to bother to do it. I just have my classics that I like."

Mischa believes the success of her handbag line is due to the fact a lot of the pieces are stylish yet affordable.

She told online blog Zap2it: "I think what really works for them is that we're really able to keep the price point quite low, but still funky and cool. Some of them are not supposed to last forever. They're more like fun bags, and then we have the more serious ones. We've been working on the proper like, doctor bags, the ones that do last a long time."