Mischa Barton wants a man who makes her laugh.

The 33-year-old actress loves guys who are ''adventurous'' but ultimately, when she's looking for a partner, she wants someone who will also be her ''best friend''.

She said: ''You know, I love men who make me laugh and are adventurous and travel a lot and are very understanding of my career and my life.

''I think it's like everyone, you want a best friend to come home to.''

Mischa has joined the cast of reality show 'The Hills: New Beginnings' and admitted her dating life will be seen in the programme.

She teased: ''I mean, yes, there's some of that going on. You'll have to watch to find out.''

And the 'Don't Fade Away' star insisted her movie into reality TV doesn't signal the end for her acting career.

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''You'll see on the show, I'm going on auditions. And I'm getting back out there and I've been doing that, developing stuff, I'm just not sure what it will be yet. But yeah, I'm definitely game for that.''

The former 'O.C.' star has spoken to some of her old castmates from the teen drama about her new venture on 'The Hills', but she's been ''too busy'' to catch up with others.

She said: ''I've spoken to a couple of them. I talk to Peter Gallagher quite a lot and, like, you know, I talk to some of the moms, but yeah, not really. Everybody's off doing their own shows and their own things and this has moved so fast, and we've been so busy, that I don't think that's to do with anything other than the fact that we're all crazy busy.''

Mischa previously admitted the beginning of the MTV show will see her in a relationship but hinted it wouldn't last for the whole series.

She said: ''I do have a boyfriend when the show starts, but you'll see...''