Mischa Barton has ''toned down'' her style as she has grown up.

The former 'O.C.' actress has been through plenty of fashion ''phases'' in the her life, but as she matures she is settling into one specific.

Describing her style, she said: ''It's quite eclectic, a real mixture of things. I've been through lots of phases, but I'm a big girl now, so I've toned it down. I now know what I like.''

Mischa, 26, admits she is particularly fond of Gucci's designs at present, and she is doing lots of accessorising.

She added to heat magazine: ''[For autumn/winter] everything by Gucci. The shoes, the bags and clothes. I was in the store the other day and I just couldn't believe how gorgeous everything was.

''I love accessories. I love jewellery, bags and shoes. It would be difficult to say which I love the most.''

Mischa has recently opened her own signature store in London and says she is involved in all aspects of what is sold there.

She said: ''My shop stocks handbags and a capsule collection of clothes, as well as some beauty products.

''For my clothing range, I wanted to design something that's fashionable, comfortable and wearable, items that I'd want to incorporate into my own wardrobe.''