Mischa Barton wants to have "mini Mischas running around".

The former 'O.C.' actress - who is currently dating musician Ali Love - enjoys keeping busy with work but dreams of settling down in the country one day.

She said: "I stay busy - trust me. I am very good at multi-tasking. But I would love to have a place in the English countryside with my dogs and rescue animals and little kids running around - mini Mischas - one day.

"I would love to design from there and have a nice big garden and fields."

Mischa - who was sectioned last year - feels closer than ever to reaching a point where she wants to settle down and raise a family as she admits her life is going better than ever.

She explained to Tatler magazine: "I've been feeling great in recent months and things are coming together quite nicely for me.

"I feel stronger than I have in years and I feel confident and level-headed and I feel good about my bag line, about acting, about movies, about stuff.

"I'm making good choices, I hope."