Mischa Barton keeps life ''interesting'' by never living in the same place for too long.

The former 'O.C.' actress travels a lot because of her work but rather than it making her feel unsettled, it is something she enjoys.

She said: ''I live in a lot of different places because I like to keep it interesting. I'm always travelling for work anyway but I mostly spend my time between London and Los Angeles.''

Mischa particularly loves returning to the UK because it allows her to reconnect with her childhood and she finds London ''comforting''.

She added to Grazia online: ''I'm originally English which most people don't know. I find all of the comforts of it remind me of my childhood, the people and the sense of humour and I miss my sister if I don't come back for a while and my friends, so there's a lot of things I love about London

''It's got so much going on. People are more politically active here which I also find interesting.''

And the actress will soon be spending more time in the UK as she is set to open a boutique in Shoreditch, east London.