Mischa Barton, the British actress best known for her role on 'The O.C', is photographed gnawing on $65 of raw steak in a new shoot by Tyler Shields. The photographer, who made headlines for his 'domestic abuse' shoot with Heather Morris, admits Mischa had no idea about the raw meat before arriving at the studio.
Speaking to the Huffington Post, the photographer said, "I had lunch with Mischa, we talked and then the day after that it was meat on the face.I don't like people to know before because then they think". Shield had purchased $65 of steak and instructed the actress to begin eating it raw, however, Barton had initial reservations. She asked whether or not she would become sick, but Shields assured her, "It's only raw chicken, you're fine with raw meat". The controversial photographer admitted he would never proceed with a shoot if the subject was unhappy, saying, "It's not like a put a gun to anyone's head - well, that's not true, I do put guns to people's heads", referring to his infamous 2010 shoot with Lindsay Lohan in which she held a gun to her head.
The Mischa Barton images are currently on display at the Imitate Modern Gallery in London as a preview to Shields and Maximilian Wiedemann's forthcoming exhibition.