Mischa Barton has three golden rules she sticks to when trying to save the planet - but often has trouble remembering them.
Former The O.C. star Barton is a strong advocate of green issues, and is currently spokesperson for Climate Star, an organisation that fights Global Warming through social and legislative activism.
And Barton takes their values seriously, integrating them into her everyday living.
She says, "The three everyday tips I like for staying green are, one: conserving water around the house. Don’t leave water running for no reason - especially like when you're brushing your teeth or taking a shower or whatever. Just not to waste water.
"Second one is when you go to the store these days, most stores have bags you can get that are reusable and bring them back as long as you remember them - which seems to be my only issue. I think that’s an amazing thing to do. It saves us paper and plastic and it's much, much, much better for the environment.
"The third thing I think everyone should try and do a little more is bike and walk places because not only is it good for you and you get out there but it's really good for the environment, especially places like L.A. where everyone drives. I have friends who drive hybrids and bio-diesel cars but you know they're nothing like getting out there and going walking."