Actress Mischa Barton fears her new movie GUILTY PLEASURES will flop in America, because it's too sexy. But Barton is pleased she agreed to take on the role in the 14th century film - based on the book THE DECAMERON: ANGELS AND VIRGINS by medieval writer GIOVANNI BOCCACCIO - because it challenged her acting ability more than any other project she's worked on. She says, "There's no nudity for me - although there is for others. "I don't know how it'll go down in some areas of America, which can tend to be quite conservative about sex scenes in films. "I just found it passionate and full of life. The challenges for me were more to do with acting out the different relationships - and the sheer agony of wearing some of those dresses. "It hurt even to move my arms, and the hair and make-up took about three hours each morning. "After The OC it came as quite a culture shock."