Mischa Barton preferred kissing a girl on American TV show The OC over her romantic scenes with male co-stars Ben McKenzie and Chris Carmack.

The 19-year-old actress, who plays rebellious MARISSA COOPER in the popular series, insists her intimate moment with Olivia Wilde was "easier" than past heterosexual lip-locks - because she considered the lesbian romance to be "more natural".

Barton, who is dating oil-heir Brandon Davis, says, "It's actually been really fun. We get along really well.

"Olivia's a cool girl and we've had fun doing it. It's probably easier than it is most times with the boys that they bring on the show to be my love interest.

"You know, it doesn't happen immediately that they just kiss. You prep for those scenes by building up to it - because Marissa falls for her as a girl who's got this lifestyle that she envies and really wants to have.

"And so I think you see that begin to happen and it's more natural by the time you get to that point."

30/01/2005 21:29