Mischa Barton is thrilled she's not part of the young Hollywood party scene anymore after dating oil heir BRANDON DAVIS and deciding the lifestyle wasn't for her. The former The OC star was involved in a high-profile relationship with Davis, who is now known for his infamous "firecrotch" rant against Lindsay Lohan, for over a year. When asked about her time with Davis she tells Harper's Bazaar, "I don't know what to say about that. That world has its own rules. "I dipped my foot in that pool. I'm probably not of that world in the end, and why would you want to be?" Although she has been photographed with Nicole Richie, Barton claims she doesn't "have a posse. I have normal friends. I can count my real friends on one hand. "When it comes to my life and protecting myself, I'm very cautious. I can see why it's fascinating to see a 17-year-old thrust into the limelight. "But guess what? It wasn't half as interesting as everyone thought."