Mischa Barton struggles to understand the tabloid interest in her life - because she is still "hounded" years after finding fame in THE O.C..
The actress entered the public eye at 17 after landing a starring role in the hit teen drama and, four years after the series wrapped in 2006, Barton still hits the headlines.
She admits she's baffled by the attention and worries the constant glare of the spotlight is harming her acting career.
Barton tells U.K. TV presenter Fearne Cotton, "I get hounded more than I should. I don't know why I get hounded so much. It's a real mystery to me. It's in my downtime and everything. During The O.C., of course, it was an incredibly famous show, OK, you're gonna get hounded. But now, years after, I'm sort of like, why is the hype so big still?
"It's concerning to me because it affects your business. You'll have an offer on a job and then they'll be like, 'We have to meet her because we want to know that she's fit to work.' And that must all come from this press because I don't read it and I don't know what people are saying. People believe it and they take it as fact and it's sort of like, 'No, I'm fine!'"