Dynamic girl group Mis-Teeq have hit out at the British music industry's obsession with size - because it's stopping talent getting to the top.

The sexy London threesome insist it's all about the music, and worry the pop world's focus on beauty may have a negative effect on impressionable teens.

Singer Sabrina Washington rants, "Every woman likes to go out and look good, but there's too much emphasis in this country on what you're wearing, on being a size 10, and not what your talent is.

"D'you think a fantastic, talented person like Missy Elliot would get a deal over here? No. People should stop looking at the visuals."

Bandmate Alesha Dixon agrees, "There are magazines that have a blingin' and a mingin' section. What's that saying to kids? It's saying, 'I can't be an individual because I'll be mingin'.' That's not fair. Who says you have to conform to a certain look so you're not mingin'? It's not on. It makes me sick.

"We're only here to give out positive vibes, man."

17/06/2003 17:14