British girlband Mis-Teeq have slammed Victoria Beckham for ruining their career - after her failed solo material left record label TELSTAR bankrupt.

The SCANDALOUS trio - who along with soul sensation Craig David were signed to the label - have suffered a massive setback to their burgeoning career thanks to Telstar's collapse, and are facing the prospect of losing thousands of pounds in lost royalties earnings.

And singer SU-ELISE is convinced the high-profile failure of Beckham's collaboration with Damon Dash was instrumental in bringing the company to its knees.

Su-Elise fumes, "To be honest, both her singles passed me by.

"I think there was far too much hype surrounding her project with Telstar and obviously it didn't pay off at all. It's really sad as everyone we worked with at Telstar have lost their jobs because of the situation."

20/05/2004 21:02