British R'n'B babes Mis-Teeq walked away unscathed after a limo they were travelling in at the weekend (19JUL03) crashed into a police car.

The singers, Alesha Dixon, SU-ELISE NASH and Sabrina Washington, had just arrived at an open-air gig in Dagenham, Essex, England on Saturday when the girls' driver took wrong turning and, attempting to reverse, ploughed into a police jeep - causing thousands of pounds worth of damage.

Despite being left shaken by the smash, the trio refused to back out of the concert and went on to wow the crowd at the rain-hit show.

A witness says, "The girls arrived with a police escort but took the wrong turning and had to reverse to go to the backstage area.

"The car shot straight back into the police vehicle. Its bonnet and front bumper were completely crunched in. The girls were very shaken but said they felt ok to perform.

"They eventually got onstage about half an hour late."

22/07/2003 02:20