British trio Mis-Teeq are crediting MTV personality Carson Daly for their rising popularity in America.

Alesha Dixon, Sabrina Washington and SU-ELISE NASH have been enjoying steady airplay on American radio and are celebrating after their hit track SCANDALOUS replaced BRITNEY SPEARS' OUTRAGEOUS as the theme for Halle Berry's new movie CATWOMAN.

And they thank Daly for their growing US fan base.

Sabrina says, "We love Carson! Big up Carson! He discovered us.

"He kind of heard the song (while relaxing in France), and he went out that night to a club and he heard it again.

"Everyone was really getting down to it on the dancefloor so he came back to the United States and he was like, 'Who sings this song? It's called Scandalous, I don't know who sings it.'

"But he kind of researched and found out it was us and Bob's your Uncles, Fanny's your aunt, and here we are!"

21/07/2004 21:33